TECNOCONSULT experience goes back nearly thirty years in design of subsea pipelines, ranging from shallow to ultra-deep waters, from geohazards identification to the identification of mitigation measures, from mechanical design to installation and commissioning aspects.

TECNOCONSULT provides its Clients with up to date approach covering all the necessary skills tied to the development of the Project.

Offshore pipeline design relevant to single pipe and pipe in pipe (PIP) systems includes but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Routing study development based on nautical charts or Digital terrain models (DTM);
  • Geohazard identification (i.e. faults, soil liquefaction, coastal erosion, etc) and study of mitigation measures;
  • Definition of meteomarine loads (i.e. currents, waves and tides) along the route of the pipeline;
  • Interpretation of geophysical and geotechnical data and extrapolation of design parameters to define pipe-soil interaction;
  • Third parties interactions (i.e. trawling gear, dropping objects, etc);
  • Material selection study and preparation of material requisitions;
  • Mechanical design including on bottom stability analysis, stress analysis, free-span assessment, in-service and upheaval buckling analysis, crossing and intervention work design;
  • Installation analysis (S-lay, J-Lay, towing, shore pull, etc)
  • Preparation of Tender documents, including FEED and EPIC SoW;

All design activities are performed by worldwide recognized software and in-house developed utilities and certified software allowing the achievement of a well-structured quality service.

Services provided to our Clients, further to the design activities, extend to supervision at yard construction works, during offshore pipeline installation, completion works and pre-commissioning activities.