Offshore Platforms

TECNOCONSULT has been involved in a wide number of projects for the design of fixed platforms with steel jacket also including foundations and installation analyses.

Structural design activities are relevant to revamping of existing fixed platforms consisting of structural adjustment; relocation or insertion of new facilities on the deck, stretching of the design life.

The following studies are performed by our experts:

  • in-place static analysis;
  • seismic and modal analysis;
  • non linear pushover analysis;
  • lifting analysis;
  • foundation design assessments.

Static, modal, harmonic and transient non-linear analysis are performed by the help of dedicated commercial FE software (i.e SACS, ANSYS APDL) that allow to consider the elasto-plastic material behavior to determine the Reserve Strength Ratio (RSR) of the structure.

Our approach adhere, but not limited to, the following international codes:
API 2A (WSD and LRFD), RINA, DNV OS-C101,DNV-RP-C203,DNV-OS-C301,DNV-OS-E302 , Noble Denton 0027/ND, 0027/NDI, ISO 19901-1, ISO 19901-3, ISO 19901-2, EC3, NORSOK N-004.

Offshore Platforms