Installation Design

TECNOCONSULT has a consolidated experience relevant to sealines and structures installation design activities in very shallow, shallow, deep and ultra-deep water.

Installation design activities are carried out through an extensive evaluation of typology, size and capabilities of foreseen marine spread, expected meteo-marine conditions of the area, potential presence of geohazard or restricted areas, development plans of future and/or already installed offshore systems where the new flowlines and structures have to be integrated.

With reference to subsea field development projects, installation design capabilities include, flexible/rigid flowlines and risers, manifolds and tie-in systems, umbilicals, etc.

The following main analyses are developed by our installation engineering department

  • Layability analysis of rigid flowlines and sealines (J-lay, S-lay);
  • Installability analysis of flexible flowlines, risers and umbilicals with estimation of installation loads in the various scenarios/phases, among which:
    - Initiation from the FPSO;
    - Pulling head over boarding and lowering to depth;
    - Connecting risers/umbilicals to FPSO pull-in winch;
    - Pulling-in up to the Hang-Off point connection;
    - Buoyancy Section installation (if any);
    - Lay away towards the subsea structures and Lay-Down of the End Connector (riser) / UTA (umbilical).
  • Static and dynamic installation analysis of rigid pipelines, including:
    - Start-up and laydown
    - Shore pull
    - Normal laying
    - Contingency scenarios (dry and wet buckle)
  • Above Water Tie-In analysis
  • Pulling heads design (Start-up,  abandonment and contingency heads)
  • Lifting analysis of expansion loops, spools, jumpers, risers, supports & structures
  • Transportation Analysis
  • Pipe stacking
  • Seafastening
  • Installation vessel mooring analysis
  • Subsea structures deployment
  • Wet storage study and layout

All the engineering analyses are integrated by:

  • Technical Specifications
  • Method statements
  • Installation manuals
  • Onshore yard layout optimization
  • Offshore System Integration and ROV ability check study
  • Drawings
  • Documents for tender assignments.

All Transportation and Installation design activities are performed by certified software, able to grant a high structured quality service. Some of the main recognized calculation tools under use are: Ansys Aqwa, OrcaWave, SACS, SESAM, ABAQUS, Orcaflex.

Installation Design