Onshore Plants

During the years, TECNOCONSULT has developed a strong cooperation with Major Oil Companies and Engineering Contractors to provide design of facilities including production network, process plants, storage and transportation infrastructures.

TECNOCONSULT has also gained wide experiences in multiphase/flowassurance analysis that has a strong impact in the definition of the production network and its interfaces.

TECNOCONSULT  provides full-scope global project services for greenfield and brownfield projects across all phases, processes and components of oil and gas production and transportation including:

  • Multiphase production network 
  • Oil/gas/water separation
  • Produced water treatment and disposal
  • Gas and liquids treating
  • Gas compression
  • Gas dehydration
  • Emergency flare systems
  • Other ancillaries

The Company mission is to provide services to the Oil & Gas industry both onshore and offshore.

Tecnoconsult  has specialist expertise to meet the challenges facing with green field development in demanding environments.

Brown field projects have been approached as well to optimize the required intervention for operating life extension or to define the required intervention for debottlenecking aimed to enhance   reservoir production.

Onshore Plants