Onshore Pipelines

TECNOCONSULT  performs Onshore Pipelines design including relevant ancillaries.
Our Company has resources and capabilities to assist clients in all disciplines for oil, gas and water transportation system for onshore project development, from conceptual design to field installation and start-up.

Our consolidated project experience allows to select the most appropriate solution to different challenges associated with projects in a wide range of environments, deserts environment, swampy area, very populated areas.

TECNOCONSULT provides detailed design and analysis for particular construction condition such as:

  • Geohazard evaluation for pipeline route study;
  • Pipeline seismic design;
  • River, rail and road crossing with trenchless method (horizontal directional drilling, thrust boring, tunneling etc).

TECNOCONSULT can develop pipeline projects supported by Geographic Information System (GIS) which enables the integrated management of:

  • land informations (thematic mapping and related data base);
  • terrain data (information regarding topography);
  • project data (information derived from different map overlapping such as crossing types and numbers, materials list etc);
  • acquire a global view of the project’s work progress.
  • create reports on the project’s work progress, including maps and alignment sheets related to each lot.
Onshore Pipelines