Pierangeli Tommaso

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

- The CEO/CFO is responsible for the trend of the Organization and for its ordinary and extraordinary management;

- The CEO/CFO identifies, generally together with Executive Committee, the functions directly subordinate to him and supporting him in the Organization management, such as the CFO, COO/PMC, CBCM, HRM, BDM;

- Individuates the performance/qualification of the functions/roles subordinate to him;

- Provides to the Management control;

- Manages the financial trades;

- Coordinates the various phases of the employment relationship;

- Manages official collections, accounting, payment of suppliers, relations with credit institutions, financing, invoicing;

- Manages the remunerations from a fiscal, contributory, legal and trade union point of view.


Pierangeli Tommaso