Client: Van Oord

Business Area: Offshore/Onshore Pipeline and Process Facilities

Country: Fujairah (UAE)

Tecnoconsult SoW: Detailed design of offshore and onshore pipeline sections and pig trap station including depressurization system

The FUJAIRAH F2 Power and Desalination Plant (the “F2 Plant”) is located in Fujairah (UAE) and it is gas-driven and uses diesel as back-up fuel. The back-up fuel has to be supplied by ship for which the installation of a new SPM (Single Point Mooring) and onshore receiving system is envisaged.

The SPM is to be located 3 km seaward of the existing F2 Power and Desalination plant, where the water depth is around 40 meters and will form part of the Port of Fujairah SPM master plan. The F2 power plant is located at Qidfa, about 15km North of the Port of Fujairah in the UAE.

Tecnoconsult scope has been relevant to the design, pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures and assistance to Vendor bid evaluations and follow-up of the SPM and undersea pipeline (trenched and backfilled).

Tecnoconsult performed the following main activities:

  • Detail design of the new 24” pipeline system (offshore + onshore) that connects the subsea PLEM to the onshore metering skid

  • Detail design of onshore pig trap station

  • Detail design of depressurization system able to depressurize the whole pipeline after each fuel unloading operation

  • Preparation of Material requisitions for materials and systems supply (i.e. long lead items, depressurization system items, anodes and fittings)

  • Onsite services to assist the Client during start up activities.