Del Monaco Antonio

Business Development Manager (BDM)

- The BDM purpose is to research and develop new Areas of Business, with the acquisition of new Clients and the constitutions of new work synergies.

- Pursues the commercial development and maintain the current Tecnoconsult business, by approaching old, potential and new Clients;

- Strengthens the contacts between Tecnoconsult and Clients participating to exhibitions and meetings;

- Manages the Qualification Processes towards new/potential Clients with the aim to increase the possibilities of Requests for Quotations and Projects award;

- Manages the approval/renewal of Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) / Letters of Interests (LOI) / Frame Agreements and Joint Ventures with Clients/Partners;

- Reports business development activities to the EC;

- Cooperates in the offers preparation;

- Evaluates the performance/qualification of the functions subordinate to him.

Del Monaco Antonio