Client: Sicim SpA

Business Area: Onshore Pipeline

Country: Cameroon

Tecnoconsult SoW: Detail Design

The existing Chad-Cameroon Pipeline system (CCPS) is a crude transfer 30” line from Chad to Cameroon coast. The CCPS originates at the Pump Station 1 scraper launcher within the Central Testing Facilities (CTF) near Kome in south-western Chad and extends to the shoreline tie-in with the offshore pipeline leading to an offshore loading facility off the coast of Cameroon. Total length 1070 Km with 890 Km within Cameroon.

Because of the construction of a dam at the confluence of the Lom and Pangar rivers, Company has decided to replace the two flooded sections of pipeline.

Tecnoconsult scope of work can be summarized in the followings main items:

  • Detailed Engineering Design of two section of 30” pipeline, each approximately 13.3 kilometres in length, for a total replacement of approximately 26.6 Km of existing pipeline in Cameroon, with execution of survey and assistance during the construction and commissioning

  • Detailed Engineering Design of cathodic protection systems

  • Detailed Engineering Design of two approximately 13.3 kilometre sections of marinised fibre optic cable along the new pipeline sections and assistance during the procurement and installation

  • Detailed Engineering Design of 4 valve stations and assistance during the construction and commissioning

  • Design of 24” bypasses for flow deviation

  • Decommissioning of the old pipeline and the commissioning of the new one with the assistance of company operators

  • Design of a temporary bridge to cross the Pangar River during site construction.